What is UFOil?

UFOil cuts Hydrocarbon emissions up to 50% when used correctly and reduces Nitrous Oxides up to 20% which ultimately decreases ozone production in the atmosphere.

UFOil is not an additive because it does not contain any additives.  It is derived from 100% pure, triple refined petroleum until it meets environmental specifications for a non-toxic earth friendly product.

Designed for today's strict environmental requirements while meeting the high demands of automotive and machine specifications.

UFOil Reduces emissions - up to a 50% drop in hydrocarbons - greenhouse gasses while it also extends engine life.

Environmentally Friendly

UFOil Semi-Synthetic Ultra Fine Petroleum Oil is ultra-refined from all-natural lubricants containing no additives or harmful chemicals - No lead, no sulphur, graphite, boron, tin, molybdenum, phosphorus or TPFEs. Furthermore, UFOil is completely recyclable and biodegradable. An environmentally friendly lubricant, it increases engine efficiency leading to less fuel consumption and fewer exhaust emissions.