About UFOil Semi-Synthetic Ultra Fine Petroleum Oil

UFOil Semi-Synthetic Ultra Fine Petroleum Oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant that reduces Hydrocarbon emissions and Nitrous Oxides which decreases ozone production in the atmosphere.

UFOil environmentally friendly lubricant cuts hydrocarbon emissions up to 50% when used correctly and reduces Nitrous Oxides up to 20% which ultimately decreases ozone production in the atmosphere.  


What it is

UFOil is a 100% petroleum-based lubricant which is pure oil. It contains no metals, graphite, waxes, detergent or chemical additives. Purer than any natural or synthetic motor oil or grease, UFOil is the only scientifically formulated 100% natural pure oil product available that increases equipment efficiency and longevity while keeping other lubricating products from fouling the environment. 


How it works

UFOil increases oil stability and improves adhesion and cohesion of your base motor oil (natural and synthetic), providing better gas sealing, improved cold starts and improved lubricating qualities. UFOil seals piston rings and coats cylinder walls to prevent oil burning due to passage into the combustion chambers of the engine. Carbon, sludge and varnish deposits are reduced, resulting in fewer harmful emissions.


Environmentally Friendly

UFOil is not an additive because it does not contain any additives.  It is derived from 100% pure, triple refined petroleum until it meets environmental specifications for a non-toxic earth friendly product.

UFOil is ultra-refined from all-natural lubricants containing no additives or harmful chemicals. Furthermore, UFOil is completely recyclable and biodegradable. Because of its lubricant properties, it increases engine efficiency leading to less fuel consumption and fewer exhaust emissions.